Talk shows are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and many other social networking sites. One important network site most are forgetting is called FriendFeed. Here is a short video, which explains exactly what it is and what is can do for your business.

It’s true, Facebook and other social networking sites such as that allow the user to do many things with the application. But FriendFeed is simply a way to connect and maintain relationships with people. This is especially important when it comes to companies trying to maintain their relationships with their customers. FriendFeed would be a great social networking site to use solely for the purpose of their customers. The customers would like this approach used by companies because customers would view this approach as a way to communicate with their company. It’s an easy way to stay connected and reach people.

According to Duncan Riley’s blog, many people are saying FriendFeed is the new Twitter. FriendFeed aggregates to blogs and social networking services so you can follow your friends and they can follow you. It’s easy to use and allows you to read more than just tweets. Now, companies such as talk shows can follow their audiences and vice versa, to see what their audience is doing, wants, and then act on that feedback. This relationship is more personal and takes less time/interference for both the company and viewer to communicate. More talk shows should begin to use FriendFeed to connect to more of their viewers to form a better relationship.


State of the Media

Digital delivery is everywhere now. Social media platforms have helped to establish how most Americans get their daily news. According of The State of News Media 2010, six in ten Americans rely on getting their news online. Currently, half of these online consumers are using social networking sites to get these news sites to their cell phones. News and talk show sites such as, is an example of this. It has an app you can pay for to have CNN on your phone. Obviously, it’s becoming clear that more and more people are turning towards digital technology, and social networking sites as way to obtain information.

Video content is very popular to watch on news and talk show sites as well. Being able to watch talk shows such as CNN, online to get the news has begun a new revolution. Online talk shows are much more appealing to the ear and eye, not to mention the producer’s pocket. CNN online, features over a half a million video links on its website for viewers, as well as gives the ability for viewers to upload videos and photos of their own to the website. has really tried to promote consumer feedback and consumer involvement. For example, CNN have now started an iPhone and iPod application. This will allow CNN viewers to upload videos and news to these technologies. CNN is just another example of how news and talk show sites use social media.

The Next Largest Country!

Why do designers often say they want in interfaceless interface?  According to Logic of Transparent Immediacy, an interfaceless interface in one in which there is no recognizable electronic tools, no buttons, windows, scroll bars, or icons. The viewer instead will move through the space interacting more naturally as he or she would do as if they were out in the everyday world.   In a sense, this is more of a virtual reality where three-dimensional graphics help to make digital technology transparent. A transparent interface would erase itself, meaning the viewer is no longer aware of confronting a medium.  Instead the viewer stands in an direct, immediate relationship that connects to the contents of that medium.

Morning talk shows such as Good Morning America and the Today Show each provide links in their websites to social media such as twitter or Facebook. That immediate relationship to their customers on Facebook or whichever social media outlets provides an effective way for Good Morning America or the Today Show to directly connect with their viewers. It also provides another way for their viewers to connect to their show to show their support as fans, and to receive daily updates.

Facebook is still growing today and becoming increasingly popular. Facebook allows viral communication in many different forms which can boost your company’s appearance and relationships with customers.  As you saw in the video, if Myspace was a country, it would be the eighth largest in the world. Who knows how big of a country Facebook will become next year!

Old AND New Media…Together?

Although talk shows are using new outlets in order to reach their audiences, according to the article Old and New Media Coexisting Nicely, Thank You, television is still necessary to raise awareness. Many people began to believe the traditional medium (television) would cease to exist after the invention of new media outlets such as Facebook, twitter, and YouTube on talk show websites appeared. But getting information however you like to has made both traditional and new media forms beneficial for talk shows. Not only do they use their regular television broadcasting segment time, but also using online websites allows easy access for viewers.

But which medium is more effective for talk shows to use in order to reach particular demographics groups?  The blog How Social Media Can Help Your Business, believes using websites and social media tools help to connect directly with your customers. Knowing your customer is the number one goal, because once you know your customer, they’re easier to reach; therefore, increasing your company’s awareness and social identity/visibility. In addition, most social media online for talk shows, increasing their visibility, is cost effective (for both the company and the viewer). You can access videos, links, and other information for free. With 67% of people using the internet strictly for social networking, it’s obvious which medium people are choosing as their preference.

Talk shows such as the Rachael Ray Show, demonstrate how effective both old and new mediums are. Not only are audiences watching her show to see how to cook a certain dish, but audiences are also going online to get the recipes.

Help Wanted!

Many talk show websites feature the standard photos, links, and videos which website viewers can browse around.  For example, the Ellen DeGeneres website allows the visitor to make a plethora of choices when first arriving to the website. The viewer can shop, watch videos, view the upcoming week schedule of the show, purchase tickets, learn about Ellen, listen to music, and play games. In addition, one has the choice to follow Ellen through twitter and Facebook.  Ellen also has her page setup similar to a blog-like style format. She posts videos and pictures and provides comments along with them, allowing for feedback from her fans. Most people would probably agree Ellen is up-to-date with her audiences’ needs and wants. But, what if what her audience wants is to ask her a question. Where is this link? Why can’t viewers such as you and I find a link on the web page where we can ask questions that aren’t already answered? Aren’t the questions from your audience the most important? They provide feedback on what needs to be improved and most importantly, provides a loyal relationship with your customer.

According to HOW TO: Gather Feedback With Social Media, to simply only be connected with your audience through social media such as twitter or Facebook, is not enough. There are so many other cost efficient ways to stay connected with your audience. In order to sustain consistent feedback for a social media website, one can create surveys, polls, and connect with audiences in more professional social media places such as LinkedIn. It also wouldn’t hurt to create a page where viewers could post and ask questions they may have on the social media websites so other viewers can see this too. This shows commitment from social media talk shows to their audience as well as an effort to answer any questions or problems anyone might have.

Everything Rachael Ray

Using a blog as a talk show’s website proves to be an effective tactic concerning social media. While comparing Rachael Ray’s website to a blogger’s page on Rachael Ray, one would find it easier to surf the blogger’s page than the website. Don’t get me wrong, the website’s page offers a variety of different links to cook if your away, on a budget or for your children, but the blogger’s page is more personal (More personal in a sense that each comment from its viewer appears on the same page). The blogger’s page gives recipes to try from Rachael Ray and allows for comment areas on ways to improve her blog. This makes the viewer feel as if they can comment on the page and it will be seen instead of being overlooked.

If more talk show websites had a more personal viewing such as the blogger’s page as their official website, more people would most likely be inclined to comment and provide healthy feedback more often. The whole point of a blog is to post, and most importantly gain feedback from its viewers. Isn’t that the goal of social media right now? Companies are trying to listen to their customers’ feedback and opinions in order to maintain loyal relationships. If they use blogs, this would enhance their relationships to a more personal, one-on-one relationship. The viewer of the page could view other comments from people to learn what they might have missed in a recent airing. This new blogging strategy could really boost feedback ratings.

Comedy for news

Isn’t it great how making fun of public figures is considered okay to do and funny on talk shows such as the Daily Show? In this YouTube video, Jon Stewart, the host of the Daily Show, pokes fun of the election in 2008. But more importantly, people viewing these form opinions after watching and use this as their main source of news. Comedy talk shows use this as a  form of social media because people love to laugh.

On the Daily Show’s website, there is an array of different videos that you can pick from to watch. Most videos contain a catchy title foreshadowing what the video will be making fun of. You can also meet the news team of the Daily show. Each employee displays a picture of themselves posing with a funny face. If a first time visitor were to visit the site, without hearing about the Daily Show, the viewer would think the sites a joke. This use of social media helps talk shows such as the Daily Show to add to its popularity. Advocate watchers of the Daily Show do know there is a lot of truth to what Jon Stewart is poking fun about. Only, it uses different social media to draw its audience in.

According to The Internet Gains in Politics, most people, especially younger demographics are obtaining information about campaigns from talk shows such as the Daily Show. Shows like the Daily Show appeal to younger demographics such as college students and young graduates. Many young adults turn to comedy talk shows for information not only in campaigns, but also in other various forms of news such as war. Is this becoming a trend?